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Create New Activity: Changes August 2018!

The new activity window is changing and will be even easier and more robust. Let’s look at the differences.


1. Group Activity checkbox- checking this box will allow you to create a main activity and then create subgroups within that activity. There are several great uses for this new feature:

  • Simulation-Many simulations centers schedule multiple small groups of students to come at assigned times. When they arrive, each group will run the same simulation from start to finish. Each group will require a clean version of the chart to learn about their patient in the initial state and then progress along the scenario with new orders and labs that appear throughout the simulation. The grouping feature allows you to do this with a click of the button!
  • Clinical- Many Instructors involved with setting up Clinicals would like to create one activity and have multiple subgroups which may have different days, instructors, due dates etc. Previously they needed to create different courses and activities and that was cumbersome. Now the grouping feature will make this a snap!

2.  The selection list for Patient Type has changed, there are now 3 selections: Individual Patients, Shared Patients and Clinical Patients. The Individual and Share Patient is used as before and the new selection is Clinical Patients.

  • Individual patients- Students have a private copy of the activity’s patient chart. Students do not see each other’s work.
  • Shared Patients- Students in the activity are charting on the same copy of the patient chart and can see each other’s work.
  • Clinical Patients- This selection gives each student a blank chart. The blank chart will have PHI areas grayed out so that students will be prevented from filling in a prompted PHI fields. This is used most commonly for clinical assignments.

3. After entering the Due Before date/time, you will be asked if you want to prevent charting after Due Date.



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