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Simulation Activities: Using the Activity Grouping Feature

The Grouping feature allows you to create subgroups within an Activity. This will allow you to add groups on the fly. This is great for Simulation. After each small group is done with their simulation scenario, an instructor can make that current subgroup chart invisible and then add a new subgroup with a “clean” copy of the chart.

Let’s see how this works.

1. Go to Course List.

2. Click the Go to Course link for the specific course.

3. The Activities and Grading window opens. Click Create New Activity.

The Create New Activity window opens.


4. Select the Group Activity by clicking in the checkbox.

5. In the Patient Type field choose the appropriate selection. (Remember that Shared Patients are usually used for simulation.)

6. Continue to add the information for the activity and then save.

The New activity will appear in the activity list with a plus sign next to the activity name.


7. Click the Plus sign to see the first group that was added automatically.

8. When you are ready to add a new subgroup make sure that you are on the activity list and then click the New Group link to the left of the activity. You may also want to make the previous subgroup invisible to prevent students from opening the wrong chart.





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