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Medication Cabinets

Medication Carts and Cabinets

Be aware that medication carts and medication cabinets are designed for distinctly different purposes. Neither a cart nor a cabinet handles order entry and barcode scanning at a patient’s bedside. The MAR and associated orders are controlled by an electronic charting system like EHR Tutor. To decide which products your school needs, this short informative video may be helpful: 


Cabinets that integrate with EHR Tutor
Please mention EHR Tutor when contacting any of the companies below. View the attached document for a full list of recommended cabinets and carts. 

SimCabRx by KbPort

  • Where to purchase:
    • Pocket Nurse, Matthew Inman at, 800-225-1600
      Pocket Nurse is also the distributor for Demo Dose drugs which can be purchased with SimCabRx and EHR Tutor access codes as a package. Billing can be done on one invoice through Pocket Nurse.

FirstDose by Capsa Solutions

  • Where to purchase:
    • Meadows Medical,, 631-873-4840
      Meadows Medical is also a distributor for Wallcur Practi-Meds which can be purchased with any carts or cabinets
    • Moore Medical LLC,, 800.234.1464
      Moore Medical LLC is also a distributor for Wallcur Practi-Meds which can be purchased in a package with a FirstDose cabinet
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