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Medication Integration Information and FAQs (Demo Dose, Wallcur and MockMeds)

We integrate with the following medications: Wallcur Practi-Meds, Pocket Nurse Demo Dose drugs and MockMeds. Wallcur currently offers 10% off for all EHR Tutor customers using a code you can retrieve from EHR Tutor support. 

Before planning to use any of the medication providers listed above, please make sure to reach the following important pieces of information.

  1. The barcode on any medications must be in tact. If there is visible damage to the barcode itself, a barcode scanner may not be able to read the barcode. Please ensure barcodes are clear, legible and in tact. Worn off, scratched, damaged or missing barcodes may not be read by your scanner. If this is the case, please contact your medication provider and ask for replacement barcodes. 
  2. The barcode must be visible. If a barcode is bent in half or not fully visible for any reason, it must be replaced or re-positioned. If you cannot see the full barcode with your eyes, the scanner will not be able to see it either.
  3. If a medication is no longer produced by the medication provider, we may not have the medication in our formulary. If you come across a medication that is no longer produced by the manufacturer, contact EHR Tutor's support department at and we can manually add the medication so you will be able to scan it in the future. 
  4. Your scanner must be plugged in and working. If you do not see a light appear when pressing the button on your scanner, verify that the scanner is plugged in and working. EHR Tutor works with all scanners that can read Code 128. 
  5. The medication that your students are scanning must be added to the patient. The medications for each of our partners' products are in our formulary, but they must be visible in the orders for the patient your students are using in order to be scannable. Each of our pre-built patients only have a limited number of orders. You must be using the exact form of the medication listed in the order. If you have a form of medication not listed on the patient you'd like to use, you can easily edit the order in your Patient Chart Library.
    When adding an order for a pre-printed medication, keep in mind that we have several thousand medications in our formulary, but only about half of those are medications from our partners (not all medications that you would need to order for a simulated patient are produced by the main simulated medication manufacturers). The easiest way to add the correct medication is to scan the medication, rather than type the name of the medication, when adding a new order. 
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