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Uploading Students for School-Pay Schools

If your school pays for student accounts directly, you will need to periodically have a list of students uploaded. Without uploading your student list, no student will have access to our website for your school's activities.

At this time, only Administrators or EHR Tutor Support Representatives can upload students. If you have a technology contact at your school who would like Administrator status, contact and we can open the advanced functionality to that contact. Otherwise, please forward your students to one of EHR Tutor's Team Members and we'll be happy to upload them immediately.  

To upload students, compile a list of students from your school's roster. Some tips for hassle free uploads are below: 

  • Export a student list from your school's student database. If you have a Learning Management System or Student Database system, use the "export" feature to export a list of students in yoru class(es) including first names, last names and emails. The export feature will export either a .csv or an Excel document -- both formats are acceptable.
  • If you do not have access to your master student list and/or you cannot reach the administrator of that system, create a spreadsheet in either Excel or Google Sheets with the following columns: First Name, Last Name, Email. View and download a template spreadsheet here. 
  • Do not send PDFs, images or Word documents. We cannot upload these and will need to request that you manually input the student data into a spreadsheet before we can complete the upload. 

Once you have a .csv, Excel or Google Sheets document, send it to either your EHR Tutor Administrator, if your school has one, or email 




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