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Using the Activity Library

The Activity Library

The Activity Library helps instructors store and access commonly used activities, such as simulations, easily and efficiently. It also allows sharing of these activities with other instructors within the same school. It is beneficial for organizing simulations and clinical assignments as well as standardizing content across multiple campuses.

You can add activities in two ways to the library -- create a new activity, or add an activity from your current course. 

To add an activity to your library using the Activity Library, follow the directions below: 

  1. Click the Activity Library tab on the left of the window. The Activity Library opens. Click the New Library Activity button. 
  2. Enter the information as indicated:
    • Activity Type- Select either Individual Patient or Shared Patient. If you want your students to have their own “private” copy of the patient chart for individual charting, select Individual Patient.  This is the most frequently used setting. Shared Patients are commonly used for simulation. To learn the differences between Individual Patients and Shared Patients refer to the Tipsheet titled, Shared or Individual Patients.

      It is important to remember to set this to Shared if this activity is used as simulation with small groups.
    • Activity Name- Enter a name that will help you remember the purpose of the activity.
    • Instructions to Student- Describe what your students are expected to do for this activity.
    • Activity Description- Students do not see this field. Use this for your own notes related to this activity (ex- when to use, how to set up, etc.)
    • Students Create Patient- Selecting this checkbox requires students to create their own patient charts starting with a completely empty electronic health record. Students will see a New Inpatient chart button when they open the activity instead of a patient name. Keep in mind that Protected Health Information (PHI) for a real patient should never be entered into an academic EHR!
    • Visible to Teachers- This box must be checked for the activity to be visible to other teachers at your institution.
    • Categories- This field allows you to select one or more categories to relate to this activity. This will allow for multiple ways to search for activities that will meet your needs.
    • Add Patient- This button opens the list of patients that you can add to your activity from the Patient Chart Library. The added patient chart appears at the bottom of the Create New Library Activity page.
    • Save- Always remember to click save or your changes will be lost.
  3. Clicking save will reveal the option to Edit Lesson Plan.

  4. The Lesson Plan option allows you to add information related to your activity. Only instructors see this information.  

    Sim lab preparation? You can enter that here.   Guided questions to remember to ask during this activity

    When you have added your Lesson Plan, click Save

  5. Click the Back to Activity Library link at the top of the page if you wan to return to the Activity List.


Moving an activity from your course into the Activity Library.

You can add activities that you have already created to the activity library.

  1. Go to your Activity that you want to add to the library. Click Edit Activity and the Edit Activity screen will open. 

  2. Click Copy Activity to Library. The Create New Library Activity window opens and is populated with the copied activity information. Fill out any remaining information including the Categories field. 

  3. Click Save to reveal Edit Lesson Plan.

  4. The Edit Lesson Plan allows you to add information related to your activity. Only instructors see this information. If this is a sim lab and there is preparation you can enter that here. If there are guided questions that you want to remember to ask during this activity this is a great place to add those. When you have added your Lesson Plan, click Save.

  5. To go back to the Activity Library list, click the Back to Activity Library link at the top of the window.


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