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Using Relative Dates and Times

When creating charts in the Patient Chart Library, the dates and times are not entered using a conventional notation. A Creation Date is no longer used. Instead, date and time information is entered as a specific amount of time before or after the start of the activity. The start of the activity begins when the student opens the chart for the first time. See the example below.


Tip Sheet:  Upgrade Information-Relative Time.pdf (400 KB)


Notice that you do not have a date and time field. Instead you will indicate how long before or after the start of the activity for each charting entry you make. Click on the drop down arrow to see and select the relative time units. In this case 10 was entered for the quantity and Minutes before start was selected for the unit.  

When students open the chart it will appear as it always has, with conventional formatting for dates and times. It is that Easy!

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