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Typing for Beginners

Typing can be the most overwhelming part of using a computer for the first time. To speed up the learning process for students who have never used a keyboard before, we’ve included some resources below: 

Typing Diagram: 
Where to put your fingers? Here’s a printable diagram of which fingers should control which keys. These can be printed for students to take home and practice by placing their hands on the paper and simulating the typing experience. 

Keyboard Diagram

Ways to Practice:
Once a student has the finger placement down, he or she can practice typing skills using one of many instructional typing website. We chose the link below because it requires minimal clicking to get started and has no sign in page. Simply go to the link and click “start”.

Power Typing - 

For new typists who have someone to help them navigate a website, Rapid Typing Zone has Typing Technique tips, Typing Games and a free Typing Tutor program.

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