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Documentation - How to use the Add Criteria Button

The Add Criteria functionality, allows you to add criteria to the left hand side of a flowsheet and then document on that specific criteria in additional time and date stamped columns. Examples of this can be found in the Allergies and Home Medications list, immunizations and certain sections the Admission Flowsheet.

Just like other functionality in EHR Tutor, it is used the same way, no matter where it is.

Adding Criteria to a flowsheet

When you enter a New Entry, you will see that there are "Add ___" buttons. In this flowsheet it is an Add Vaccine button. To enter new criteria, click the "Add ___" button. 

A section of fields open. On the left is the criteria and basic related information.  On the right are actions that can be documented.

The Left side will define the criteria. In this case it is a specific vaccine that we are documenting on this list: Hepatitis B. Note the basic information is entered here: type of vaccine, new or historical administration and the date.


The Right side will allow you to enter details about the action that you performed.For example, if you needed to add historical details of a previous vaccination, you would click "Add Historical Details". 



The details for this action open. Enter the Information in the expanded fields. When you have finished this vaccine and all the details, you can add another vaccine by clicking the Add Vaccine or save the entry by clicking the Submit button, as you do in all flowsheets.

The criteria is in the left side and the details will be found on the timed column. If you had chosen the action of Administration, all documentation fields of immunization documentation such as Expiration dates, Manufacturer, Vaccine information sheets etc. would have appeared.

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