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Creating, Viewing and Completing Courses

The first step when using EHR Tutor is to set up Courses to group your students appropriately. If this is your first time using EHR Tutor and you have not been trained, please email You can also review our Instructor Quick Start Guide at anytime. 

Create a Course

When you login the first time click Courses on the left hand navigation list. There will be no courses listed.

  1. Click the New Course button to create a Course so that you can add activities and your students to it. You cannot create activities if you have no Course to tie them to.
  1. The Edit course page opens.

  1. Enter the following information:
  • Enter the Course Name.
  • Select the Course Type. The only choice will be Clinical, unless you school has an EMS/Paramedic program, or an Provider/Advanced Practice program.
  • Enter Course Description. (This is not required)
  • Barcode Warnings is selected (checked) by default. This box should remain checked to best simulate the current procedures being used in medical facilities. If checked, students will receive warnings that barcode scanning is required to identify the patient and meds before they can administer a medication. Students can continue without using a barcode scanner, but they must select a reason first for not scanning. You can find a more details about barcode warnings in the Tipsheet titled, Medication Administration with or without Barcode Scanning
  • Enter the Course End Date. (This is not required)
    A course will be hidden from your course list when the end date arrives to keep the list of courses more manageable for you and your students. The course is not deleted and you can see your completed courses after the end date, but only if you by click the Show Completed Courses button on the main Courses page.
  • Advanced Options is not required.  It is a place for your Course ID and is intended for Admin use or for users looking for LMS integration.  Please contact for more details.A completed course is available to use again in the future by copying all of the activities to any new course that you choose. This makes it easy for you to use your same content and patients with another class or section at a later date. 

4. Click the Save button. When you return to the Courses page, the name of the course you created will now appear on the Courses page.

Complete a Course

If you have courses that are finished, you can complete those courses in EHR Tutor. A course will automatically complete when it has an End Date that has passed. Completing a course will hide it from your Courses page. You will only want your active current courses showing on your Course Page.

  1. Go to your Course page and click Go to Course.

  2. The Course Activities and Grading page will open. Click on Course Information on the left

  3. In the Course End Date field enter a date that is in the past and then click the Save button.
    Note: you may want to enter information in the Course Description field to identify this course related to year, semester etc. This will make copying activities easier in the future, as you will be able to better identify each course.

  4. Go back to the Course list by clicking the blue Back to Courses link in the top left corner to see that your course is now hidden.


Showing and Hiding Complete Courses

  1. Click the Show Completed Courses button to see all completed Courses. All hidden courses will display.
  2. Click the Hide Completed Courses button and they will not be shown on the Courses page.

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