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Instructor Quick Start Guide

You can find our Instructor Quick Start Guide, a PDF version, and a video below.  

We've also included definitions on this page so you can quickly and easily understand how EHR Tutor works from the Instructor side!

EHR Tutor follows a simple Course -> Activity -> Patient hierarchy for charting with students.  To allow students to access a patient's chart, the instructor must first create a Course, add an Activity, and add a Patient.  We've included more detailed instructions below to help you get started with your Simulation, Clinical, and Classroom Activities!

Instructor Quick Start Guide Link: Click here to learn how to create your first Course, add Students, and add Activities.


Please note: EHR Tutor works best on Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Edge. 

We do not support Internet Explorer.



Courses: Think of these as your classes: groups of students and instructors.

Activities: Think of these as your assignments.  Anytime you want students to see a patient chart, complete charting during a simulation, or chart during or after clinical rotations you will want to either:

  1. Create New Activity
  2. Copy an activity within a course
  3. Copy activities from another course
  4. Add Activity from Library

You can easily save any New Activities you've created to the Activity Library for future use with new groups of students.  

Patients: If you create a New Activity, you can choose to either:

  1. Have students create a new patient chart.  This is ideal for Clinical Activities
  2. Have students chart on a copy of a pre-built chart.  This is ideal for Simulation and Classroom Activities.  

For Clinical Activities, students are only able to create one new patient per activity.  You will need to create a new activity anytime you want them to create a new Clinical Patient.  You are able to create an unlimited amount of Activities per Course.

You are able to Add multiple pre-built Patients to an Activity.  As an example, you could add 5 patients to a Simulation Activity to have students practice prioritization.  You could also create Group A, B, and C patients for a Simulation Activity.  Or you could add one patient for everyone in your class to see during a Classroom Activity or Lecture.  

Grading: Here is a quick, simple guide to grade your student's work.  

1) Sign in by going to

2) Click on Course List on the left menu.

3) Select the Course you wish to enter and press the Go to Course link.

4) Find the Activity you'd like to grade and click Grade Student Charting

5) You will see a list of students that have opened their patients for the first time. If a student has not opened the patient chart, they will not appear on the list at the bottom of the page.  

How can I add a rubric? When an activity is first created, there is a Rubric Template field that will allow you to paste a rubric, so that it will appear in the grading field when instructors are grading student work.


Libraries: You have two libraries available. 

  • Patient Chart Library: This is where you will find your pre-built template patients.  These patients never age as all of their dates and times utilize our Relative Times Feature.  You set patients the way you want them to look once, and then anytime a new student or group of students opens the chart a fresh copy is created just for them.  

    To use a pre-built template patient with students, simply create an Activity in your Course and click the Add Patient button to add one of your template patients.  

    You can keep that copy open to have it act like a real patient chart that ages.  For example, if you've added a pre-built template patient to an Activity and open it with a new group of students, you can keep that copy open all semester and have it age like a real chart.  Open a one minute old newborn in August and by December they'll be 4 months old!  Ready to use that newborn template patient again in the Spring?  Just add them to a new Activity for your new group of students and that 4 month old will be back to being just a minute old!

    Think of our Patient Chart Library as a file cabinet full of hard copies. Anytime you have a new group of students, you create new copies and hand them out .  Our system works the exact same way, digitally!  The original always remains intact, with fresh new copies for all students.  No clean-up required!

    You are able to create copies of any of our pre-built patients, which you are then free to edit in any way you'd like.  You are also able to create your own Patients by pressing Create New Chart. 
  • Activity Library: Your template Activities.  You are free to use or edit any of our pre-built Activities or create your own.  Create an Activity once, and then quickly and easily add it to your new courses to get up and running with new students.  Remember - you need to either Allow Students to Create their Own Patient or Add a pre-built Patient to every Activity you create.  
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