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Setting up the Digital Dispensing Feature

The Digital Dispensing Feature was created to allow instructors to create a simulated dispensing experience for students by combining our software with any cabinet, drawers, shelves, boxes etc. Instructors can then have students pull and document the removal of medications from the “dispensing unit”. 
The best part is, this feature is free for all Schools with active Student accounts!
Please email for access.
Adding medications to the cabinet
Before the student can interact with the dispensing software, the instructor must set up the drawers/bins.

1.  From the Main menu select the Cabinet Management tab.
The Cabinet List opens.

A cabinet is a group of medications that a school/instructor will be using over a period of time. Some schools will build one cabinet group with all medications that will utilized by all students over the year/semester. Other schools build and create several different cabinets to be used in different physical locations. Cabinets in EHR Tutor allow instructors to specify locations of drugs in a physical “simulated” device. Some schools use tool carts, med carts, plastic containers with bins etc.
2.  Click the New Cabinet button.

The New Cabinet window opens.

The New Cabinet window allows you to create and fill the cabinet with medications. You can create multiple cabinets for different locations. Each cabinet can have different medications and quantities in them.
3.  Enter the name of the Cabinet.
4.  Enter Drawer name (example Drawer 1, Drawer 2 etc.).
5.  Fill in the Bin information
• Enter the Bin Name. Each drawer can contain multiple bins (Separated portions).  If the drawer does not have separated areas you must still enter something in the field.
• Enter the Medication that will be placed in this bin. If you have the barcode for the medication, you can place your curser in the medication field and scan the code into the search field.
• Enter the Quantity of medication loaded in the bin.
6.  Click the New Bin button to add more bins to the current drawer.
7.  Click the New Drawer button to add a new drawer and begin again.
When you are done, click the Save button. If you make changes you must click Save again.
When you have finished creating the cabinet, you can click the Cabinet Management tab on the left side of the window to see all cabinets that have been created. 
Using the Cabinet in Simulation
When you are setting up the lab, you will need to make sure that the physical cabinet is filled and that the dispensing documentation for all drawer and bin medications and quantities are correct.
You will also make sure that the computer that is being used with the cabinet has been connected to the correct cabinet on the list. To do this, make sure that you are logged onto the computer that is going to be  used with the physical cabinet.
Note: Students will only use this computer for the removing, returning or wasting medications. They will not be able to access charts from this computer.

1. To connect the computer to the physical cabinet, click on the Cabinet Management tab on the left.
The list of cabinets for your school open.

2. From the list, you will Connect this physical computer to the correct digital cabinet.
Once the digital cabinet is connected to the computer you will note that the top menu changes to the cabinet buttons.
Students will view this menu when they login to this computer, but they will not have the Edit Cabinet button.
3.  You are now prompted to select the Course from the list. Click the course name that you are currently using.
The course activity list opens.
4. Select the Activity that you will be using at this time.
A patient list of all patients for that activity will open. This is the view that the students will have.
The students will log in to this computer, select their patient from the patient list by clicking the patient name.
The patient’s medication list opens.

Note that medications can be removed, returned or wasted by the student.
When they select an option, the medication information will appear.

  • The patient’s medication order will appear to the right of the window.
  • The window directs the student to open the correct drawer and bin and then to enter the current count and the amount removed.
  • When they have completed this screen, and clicked the Done button, they will be taken back to the medication list.
  • They can now remove more medications, select a different patient or sign out from the cabinet.
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