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Using a Badge to Sign-in to EHR Tutor

Instructors and Students can utilize any card that may have a 1 D  Barcode. This is the straight line barcodes that are used for EHR Tutor medications and patient armbands. You find these on many of the merchant cards that students have in their wallets, ex Starbucks, Walgreens etc. Below you will learn how to "attach" any ID card to a student profile in EHR Tutor.

Assigning a badge to a student profile

1.  Students click their name in the upper right corner of their home page and then click Profile.

The Profile window opens. Scroll down to the bottom of the profile window until you see the Other Systems section.

2.  Click the Add Badge button.

The Badge window opens

3.  Enter a name that identifies the badge that is being used.

4.  Place the cursor into the Badge Data field and scan the barcode on the ID card that is being used.

The characters from the barcode will appear in the data field after scanning.

5.  Click the Save button when all fields are complete.

You can now sign into EHR Tutor with either your email and password or place the cursor in the Email: field on the login page and scan the "badge".

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    Adriel Arcino

    how do i scan a card into the badge data field? am i missing something? i put my cursor (assuming my mouse) over the badge field data then does my computer magically scan my card from the screen? or do i type in the numbers i see on card? 

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