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Allow Students to Self-enroll in a Course

Students Enroll themselves in a Course

You can have students add themselves to a Course by giving them the Course Enrollment Key from the Course Users window.

When the student logs into EHR Tutor they will then be able to add themselves to the Course using the following method:

On the left side of the Student Home Page, Students will see a list of all courses that they have been added to. 

1.  If they do not see a specific course and they have been given the Course Enrollment Course, they can click the Add a Course button on their left menu.

An Enrollment Key field will appear that will allow them to enter the Course Enrollment Key given to them by their instructor.

2. After entering the code, Students then click Enroll.

The course is immediately added to the student course list on the left menu and any course activities that have been created by the instructor will  appear for the student. The student’s name will also appear on the instructor’s course user list.


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